Rapture. 42. Blu.

lets mess with the world.

I’m Very shocked this wasn’t on my DASH AT ALL!!!

this song is about tumblr

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?q2ed6uxtuv808si


imagine the time we could have spent being productive
who could have guessed the internet would become so obstructive
but i can’t help myself these characters are so seductive
so damn hot that they’re conductive

look at all these feels
if you don’t ship it you won’t understand that
all my feels
can’t be contained in simple fanfiction cause
all my feels
have caused me to squeal uncontrollably yes
all my feels
can’t hold all these feels

do you like sherlock
are you a homestuck?
doctor who
do you watch it too?
the avengers
how bout madoka
did you know
no you didn’t know
that i’ll ship it even if they aren’t gay

tumblr fandom style (ahh)
fandom style
O- O- T- P
tumblr fandom style
Aye, sexy cosplay
O- O- T- P
Aye, sexy cosplay

my friends all judge me and they question my obsession
but they don’t understand what’s really causing my depression
if we don’t get an update soon then please use your discretion
when i vent out my aggression

you should follow me
my blog has everything a real fan wants so
follow me
i’ve got fanart AND some reaction gifs please
follow me
i might follow back and we can talk about our
whats your headcanon?

there’s hetalia
my little pony
who’d have known
i could not have known
harry potter
and supernatural
who’d have known
could not have known
fictional characters would consume my life


fandom wars
let’s stop the fandom wars
maybe maybe we can all just get along
fandom wars
let’s stop the fandom wars
maybe maybe we can all get along YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN
tumblr fandom style


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